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St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church

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Matthew 18:19 "Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven."

How Does our Prayer Line Work

Each time you submit a prayer request, a member of our Parish Staff will review  and approve it.  It will then be published on our website so that everyone can share in your prayer intentions.

We have a group of intercessors who pray for each of your prayer requests daily. 


Prayer Archive

As of 3/19/2018, there are 2345 prayers on our Saint Joseph Prayer archive. These prayers are sorted by most recent to oldest with each page showing 10 prayers per page.

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For: Stan B.
From: Anonymous

Stan B. is currently on dialysis while waiting for a kidney transplant in May. Please keep him in your prayers.
Thank you.

For: My dear friend,debbie
From: Anonymous

She has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. We pray the doctors are able to help her with her pain.

For: Our Family
From: Anonymous

Please pray for our family that our family is able to keep employment during this difficult and uncertain time.
Thank you all for your prayers and god bless.

For: Maria S.
From: RG

Please pray for Maria S. Thank you.

For: Marrage
From: Anonymous

My wife of 26 years is under the heavy influence of others, including my older children. Without any advance knowledge, discussion or explanation to me, she has taken my three young children and cut off all communications. Through others, I have found out they have heard she was staying in hotel rooms in Iowa but now it is unknown of her current whereabouts. I am tremendously afraid of what she is doing and the well-being of her and my children. There has also been mention from others that she is planning a separation from me.

Please pray for me, my family and my marriage.

Very Gratefully Yours,
In Christ,


For: Helen
From: Anonymous

Please pray that her symptoms subside & that she is healed with peace of mind. Amen!

For: Nick & Rosanna
From: Anonymous

Please pray for the repose of their souls. Amen!

For: Dale S.
From: Anonymous

Brian S is in hospice. His friends are glad that he is safe and in comfortable surroundings. May this period be one of grace for Him, full of the love of his many friends and an awareness of the love and support of his heavenly Father.

For: Rich D.
From: RG

Rich has been diagnosed with cancer and is starting chemotherapy. Please pray that his treatments are successful and for the doctors who are treating him. Thank you.

For: Jude D.
From: Jack

My daughter, Jude D., is a single mother. She has just been told she is being laid off. Please pray that she will reply on the ever gracious Lord to guide her through this difficult time.

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